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Cotton swabs are commonly used as a household remedy to clean out earwax from inner ears. Many parents use them regularly on their children. However, using cotton swabs to clear earwax can make matters worse, causing damage that leads to serious hearing and balance issues. Here’s why you should stop using cotton swabs for ear…
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Tonsils protect our bodies from viruses and bacteria, but in doing this they can become swollen and painful – especially in children! If swelling or infections are a recurring problem, it may be best to perform a tonsillectomy, one of the most common pediatric surgical procedures. If your child experiences these 3 signs, their pediatrician…
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Your ears can be easily damaged if you aren’t careful. Exposure to loud noises can permanently impair your hearing, making it crucial to take steps to protect your ears. Here are 5 tips to protect your hearing: 1. Keep the Volume Low Whether you are listening to music with headphones or watching TV, keep the…
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