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The eustachian tube connects your ear to the back of your throat. If these two tubes become blocked, fluid will build in the middle ear because it has nowhere to go, causing ear infections. This is what you need to know about eustachian tube dysfunction:

Blockage Can Be Linked to Allergies

Eustachian tube dysfunction is occurring because of an underlying issue such as allergies. When your immune system recognizes that an allergen has entered your body, it overreacts to fight the invader. Blockage in your ear tubes may be one of the effects of your immune system overreacting. In addition to allergies, blockage may occur due to the common cold or the flu.

Exercises Can Open Up the Tubes

If you feel like there is a blockage in your eustachian tube, you can do exercises such as yawning, swallowing, or chewing gum to help “unplug” the ear. However, if you or your child constantly has eustachian tube blockage and these exercises don’t work, reach out to your ENT doctor to discuss treatment options.

Poor Habits Can Cause Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Children are the most susceptible to suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction, as their ear tubes are short and straight. However, adults can suffer from eustachian tube dysfunction as well if they are avid smokers or struggle with obesity.

Smoking damages the cilia in your ear, reducing its effectiveness of removing mucus from the middle ear. Obese people have more fatty deposits around the tubes, decreasing the health of the ear tubes and its function.

ENT Associates of Savannah Can Help

Ear tube dysfunction can be frustrating and hinder everyday activities! One of our compassionate ENT doctors can diagnose the root of the issue and discuss treatment options to help your child live a healthier life, free of eustachian tube dysfunction. Call our team today: 912-351-3030.