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an elderly woman smiles for the cameraHearing aids are incredible technology that amplify sounds to help the recipient hear better. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, hearing aids can significantly improve your daily life! Keep reading to discover the answers to several frequently asked questions about hearing aids:

Do I need hearing aids?

Hearing loss affects millions of Americans each year in different ways. If you think that your hearing loss is negatively affecting your life, it might be time to talk to your ENT doctor about hearing aids. Negative effects of hearing loss include lack of communication with others, inability to complete daily activities, strained relationships, and more.

Will my hearing be restored by using hearing aids?

No, hearing aids do not restore hearing but rather maximize the hearing you have left. It’s important to take steps to avoid further hearing loss such as avoiding loud sounds (i.e. concerts), wear protective ear gear when necessary, and having regular ear test appointments.

Do I need one or two hearing aids?

It depends if you have hearing loss in one or both ears. If you have hearing loss in both ears, we recommend wearing two hearing aids. This allows you to hear better in a loud place, improves the ear-to-brain communication, and helps localize sound.

What should I do if I think I have hearing loss?

It’s important to talk to an ENT doctor right away if you are having a hard time hearing. Your ear doctor can determine the extent of your hearing loss and suggest the best route to take to maximize hearing. (You don’t have to live the rest of your life with poor hearing! We have incredible ear doctors at ENT Associates of Savannah who would be happy to help you on your ear care journey.)

If you have any questions about hearing aids, don’t hesitate to call us: 912-351-3030.