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closeup shot of a female's earThere are two main factors that contribute to hearing loss: age and loud noises. There are tiny hair cells inside your ear that capture vibrations, thus producing sound. As you age, these cells break which can contribute to hearing loss. Additionally, if you are around loud noises regularly, the tiny hair cells will be damaged. Discover several tips to prevent hearing loss:

Tip #1 – Quit Smoking

As additional research surfaces about the negative effects of smoking, more and more people are realizing the extent of damage it produces, including hearing loss. Smoking can clog the inside lining of the middle ear, disrupt neurotransmitters in the auditory nerve, damage your DNA, and contribute to noise-induced hearing loss. Your overall health will be greatly improved if you stop smoking.

Tip #2 – Check for Side Effects of Medications

When you are sick, the last thing you’re thinking about is if the prescription medication will cause hearing loss. But, did you know that roughly 200 drugs can damage your ability to hear? Talk to your doctor about which medication is safe for hearing.

Tip #3 – Be Proactive About Your Ear Health

The ability to hear is a gift! We encourage you to do everything you can to protect your ear health – get regular hearing screenings, don’t put foreign objects in your ears (including cotton swabs), remove yourself from loud situations, and wear hearing protection when needed.

Our Doctors Are Here For You

ENT Savannah has an expert ear care team ready to help! From treating tinnitus to helping with hearing aids, our team can treat a wide variety of ear issues. A loss of hearing – no matter the cause – shouldn’t be deemed as normal. We want to help maximize your hearing and treat any issues to optimize your ear health! Give us a call today: 912-351-3030.