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a father and son play basketballDo allergy symptoms make you dread spring? This beautiful season should be enjoyed outdoors instead of cooped up inside your home! If allergies dictate your life, immunotherapy could help you kiss your allergies goodbye, once and for all. Discover what immunotherapy is, the two phases it entails, and if it’s right for you:

Understanding Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, is an effective treatment plan to re-teach your immune system to accept allergens as harmless instead of producing histamine to fight them.

If your immune system identifies an allergen as a threat, it will produce histamine (a natural chemical in the body) to try to flush out the allergen. This is why many people with allergies have frustrating symptoms such as congestion, watery eyes, runny nose, and more.

Immunotherapy consists of two phases – the build-up phase and maintenance phase. During these two phases, your doctor will gradually introduce the allergen to your immune system about once per week. Over time, your immune system will accept the particle has harmless and stop producing histamine to ward the allergen off.

Explaining the Two Phases of Immunotherapy

The first phase of immunotherapy is the build-up phase which lasts up to six months. During this phase, your doctor will slowly increase the dosage of the allergen that is given to you via an allergy shot. Once the dosage goal is met, the maintenance phase is introduced.

During the maintenance phase, your doctor will continue giving you allergy shots to continue the lesson we are teaching your immune system. After several years, your immune system will no longer create frustrating symptoms, and you are allergy-free!

Determine If This Treatment Option is Best for You

The biggest factor in determining if immunotherapy is best for you is understanding that it is a time commitment. Immunotherapy works best if the participant agrees to allergy shots on a weekly basis and is committed to both phases. We believe that participants can be allergy-free if they are committed to the entire treatment plan!

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