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Holding nose to stop nosebleed

Many people express frustration concerning nosebleeds during the winter months. Something about the cold weather and lack of moisture in the air make nosebleeds a household conversation. But, before you reach for the tissues, it’s important to know what to do if you have a nosebleed and when to see an ENT specialist. Consider the following:

Use a Humidifier

If you get nosebleeds in the night, it’s likely the air in your bedroom is too dry. A humidifier can fix this! A humidifier adds moisture to the air which directly helps issues such as nosebleeds, cracked lips, or dry skin. Placing humidifiers in different rooms in your home is another option to help add moisture to your entire home.

Tip Your Head Forward

You’ve probably seen many people tip their head backward when they get a nosebleed. This is a normal reaction, as you don’t want the bleeding to continue. However, tipping your head backward will cause you to swallow the blood. By maintaining an upright position and tipping your head forward, you are reducing the blood pressure in your nose which will help the nosebleed end.

Ice Your Nose

To stop your nosebleed, you’ll want to constrict the blood vessels in your nose. This makes it difficult for the blood to continue to flow. By placing an ice pack on the affected nostril, your blood vessels will narrow, and the bleeding should stop within a matter of minutes.

Call an ENT Doctor

People get nosebleeds for many different reasons, and in the winter months, the dry air is usually a culprit. However, if you get nosebleeds on a regular occasion or if the bleeding doesn’t stop after roughly 20 minutes, it’s a good idea to call your ENT doctor. We can determine the root of the problem and help you feel better in no time.

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