Pre & Post Instructions

Our Surgery Center is located at 1340 Abercorn St. in the Armstrong Center. If you need additional instructions, we will be happy to give this to you at the time of the interview for the patient. Below is a list of responsibilities of the patient or the patient’s family.

Prior to Surgery

  • Our patients need to arrive and leave by personal car, if this is a problem please discuss with the scheduler.
  • Arrival time, not surgery time, will be given to you from the surgery center the day before surgery after 12pm. Please expect to wait on the day of surgery.
  • If labs are ordered, they are good for 30 days and must be done at least 2 days prior to surgery, please get these done as soon as possible. If your surgery is on a Tuesday, please have them done by Wednesday the week before. Please use the direct lab or hospital that your insurance requires you to use.
  • We will make an interview phone call and must speak to you in the week before the surgery day. After 12pm of the day before surgery, please have your phone available so we can give you your arrival time and updates. Patients are called in the order in which they appear on the schedule.
  • Please review the medication list [link to medications to avoid] you received for medications that should be stopped before surgery.

If You Have Questions

Please Call 912-920-6911

Day of Surgery

  • We open at 6am on surgery days, but please come at the time assigned to you.
  • If you are not the biological parent of the child having surgery, please notify the nurse calling you so you can be given additional instructions.
  • You are required to know what lab your insurance requires you to use if the surgeon decides to send specimens/biopsy.
  • Please bring a pregnancy test if patient/you have started your menses.
  • The patient is NOT allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight (12:00am) – not even water!
  • The patient is NOT allowed to wear jewelry or metal to surgery, please remove the night before.
  • Sports bras without metal can be worn, also socks for comfort.
  • Please limit your visitors to 2 per patient; we have a limited sitting area in the lobby and surgery area. Also, do not bring young children with you who are not having surgery, as the wait for them is too long.
  • No makeup the day of surgery and take a shower or bath the night before.
  • Children are allowed to bring ONE comfort item that they can take back to surgery with them.
  • Children younger than 10 may require 2 family members for the car ride home.
  • ONE responsible family member is required to remain at the surgery center at all times while the patient is having surgery and recovering. If the family member leaves, we will cancel the surgery.
  • Cell phone use is limited to the lobby after check-in, please do not use your cell phone in the surgery areas.