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seasonal allergiesThe leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down, and the kids are back in school. Summer has passed, and fall is finally here. There are many aspects of fall that make it an enjoyable season, but allergies are not one of them. Frustratingly, millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies that keep them cooped up indoors and unable to enjoy this season. Fortunately, there are simple tips you can do to find relief. Consider the following:

Use a Dehumidifier

Mold and dust mites are two culprits that cause seasonal allergies. These allergens thrive in damp conditions. Fortunately, a dehumidifier can help with this! According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, keeping your humidity levels around or below 35 percent will make it nearly impossible for dust mites and mold to thrive.

Wear Protective Clothing

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from a ragweed allergy, you’ll want to take extra precautions when going outside. Ragweed produces pollen, and many people find themselves sneezing, itching their eyes, and coughing when around pollen. If you’re headed outside, wear long sleeves, pants, a hat, and sunglasses to keep pollen off your skin and out of your eyes.

Make Changes to Your Home

Most allergens are tiny which make them hard to see. When you come in from outside, you may not see the pollen on your jacket or the mold stuck on the bottom of your shoe. So, make simple changes to your home to keep allergens out. Consider these tips: take off your shoes before coming inside, throw your clothes in the hamper right away, and keep your windows shut and the air conditioner on.

Go Outside When Pollen Counts are Low

During the fall season, pollen counts are normally highest in the morning. If possible, plan your outdoor activities for the afternoon or early evening. Another great time to go outside is after rainfall. The rain washes pollen off the ground and out of the air. Waiting to go outside until the pollen counts are low will help you enjoy the outdoors without frustrating symptoms.

If you’re tired of having allergies dictate your life, contact the ENT Associates of Savannah today. Our doctors are adept at diagnosing and treating a variety of inhalant allergies. After a simple allergy test, your doctor will explain your diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan for you. Are you ready to find relief? Call us at 912-351-3030 to schedule an appointment.