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When the weather starts cooling down, it’s common for people to experience allergy-related symptoms. But, did you know that a cold and allergies carry many of the same symptoms? It’s important to know the difference between a cold and allergies so you can effectively treat the problem.

The Difference Between a Cold & Allergies

When you’re experiencing symptoms such as a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, or post-nasal drip, you may be wondering if you have a cold or allergies. All these symptoms are common among allergy sufferers and cold sufferers. Consider the following differences between the two:

If you have a cold, your symptoms will last roughly seven to 10 days. If you are experiencing symptoms over 10 days or for several weeks, it’s likely allergies. Or, if you experience symptoms during predictable times – such as early morning while running or during the fall while doing yardwork – it is likely allergies.

Another way to determine if you have a cold or allergies is to study the symptom itself. If your symptoms arrive seemingly out of nowhere, it is likely because you have inhaled or touched an allergen. And, when you are no longer near the allergen, your symptoms will likely disappear. Unlike allergy symptoms, cold symptoms arrive gradually and stay for a period of time.

Available Treatments for Allergies

If you have allergies, an ENT doctor will conduct an allergy test to determine exactly what allergen is causing your negative reactions. Once diagnosed, your doctor will discuss with you the best available treatment. Many people find relief from medication and immunotherapy. Beyond that, our doctors want to educate you about your allergy and ways to prevent an allergic reaction from occurring.

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