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When you gave birth to your little one, you counted fingers, toes, arms, and legs, and kissed those sweet baby cheeks. When your little one was assessed by the hospital’s pediatrician and he mentioned the phrase tongue tie, you may have felt confused about what that entails. Let us explain what a tongue tie is and how our procedure can help your baby:

What is a tongue tie?

There is a small line of tissue that connects from the bottom of your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. When that tissue is too short, a tongue tie (ankyloglossia) occurs. Basically, a tongue tie does not allow a person’s tongue to have the range in mobility that most people enjoy.

How can a tongue tie affect my baby?

Research shows that babies who have a tongue tie experience a harder time breastfeeding, eating, speaking, and more. This is because a person’s tongue plays a huge role in daily tasks. The severity of ankyloglossia can also range from mild to severe. This will determine how much the condition will affect your baby in the present and future.

Can it be corrected?

Yes! There is a procedure known as frenectomy to remove the frenulum (the tissue that is making it difficult for baby to feed). This short and simple procedure is nothing to fear, as ENT specialists are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. Additionally, this condition is fairly common. It occurs in roughly three million babies in the U.S each year.

Will my baby be in pain?

No, your baby will not be in pain. During a frenectomy, the tissue will be cut, and your baby’s tongue will now enjoy mobility. If done soon after birth, it is a simple procedure with the baby awake in the hospital at the time of birth or later in the office. If done later than the first 8 months of life, it may require a brief 2-5 minute anesthetic. The recovery time for a frenectomy is immediate around birth, and just a few days if done later in life. Your baby will be able to move his tongue much more easily, and the issues that are associated with a tongue tie will be eliminated.

If your baby has a tongue tie, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will take good care of your baby!