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Children With Snoring Issues May Have Trouble in School

Snoring generally happens in older individuals. However, children are just as likely to develop it. This can cause serious problems in school, so you need to be aware of the symptoms.

Excessively Sleepy

Kids need a good night’s rest every single night. If the teacher mentions to you that your child is falling asleep in class, then you need to take that as a warning sign. It might mean your child has sleep apnea or a similar sleeping condition. These diseases will cause the sufferer to awake repeatedly throughout the night, resulting in poor overall sleep.

Difficulty Waking Up in the Morning

Some kids may just want to sleep in for a little bit. You need to be mindful if your child seems perpetually in need of more sleep. It could mean they have not gotten a full eight hours from the night before.

Behavioral Problems

Any changes in your child’s behavior need to be taken note of. Children with sleeping issues may soon act cranky, irritable or aggressive. If there seems to be no other explanation for why this is occurring, then sleep problems may be to blame.
Fortunately, treatments are available for children who have trouble sleeping at night. You can learn more about respiratory treatments by contacting ENT Associates of Savannah, P.C.